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what it will be like to take apart vehicles

i have always took apart little vehicles when i was little #apart

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Somil’s Answer

Congratulations! You have the brain of an Engineer!
Engineer love to take apart things! Why? They like to know the internals. How does something work? what makes a clock tick? how does a toy work?

Taking apart things is easy. Putting it back together the correct way is difficult and to make something work which was broken, even more difficult!

Now, coming to your question, taking apart a full-blown vehicle! It will be difficult. You need the right tools. You need physical strength. You need to remember where everything goes and why things are put the way they were.

I would suggest to read, read a lot. Watch youtube videos on taking apart things. Repair videos. Next time your phone breaks, your clock stops working, a kitchen tap is not working, search for a youtube repair video and try to fix things yourself. Slowly progress towards larger things. And maybe, one day, you will become an expert!