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what are the things that you're really interesting about your jobs?

They're are things that i wouldn't like about my jobs. #career

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8 answers

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Somil’s Answer

I am a Software Developer since past 10 years. I have worked for various companies like Adobe, Microsoft, VMware and some startups.

The most interesting thing about being a software developer is you get to create stuff. Creation of new things gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. And when your creation is being used by thousands to millions of people, satisfaction increases manifolds.

For a software engineer, the resource requirements are minimal. All you need is a computer to get started. You are only bound by your imagination and possibilities are limitless.

The technology is constantly changing and new inventions are consistently being created, this keeps up on our toes to keep learning new things. This provides us with something to always look forward to which is very exciting. After computers and tablets, mobile phones drove innovations for a couple of years and wearable tech is going to be next. Smart watches, smart goggles and VR will drive innovation for next couple of years. Who knows what will come after that, maybe smart implants!

We are living in very exciting times. Technology is changing the way we live, communicate, commute, work and spend free time everyday. Software engineering is arguably the most exciting field to be in today!

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Imogen’s Answer

I'm a Customer Success Manager at a software company. This means I manage customers post-sales and guide them to use the software in a way that helps them to achieve business goals/solve problems, allowing them to realise the value of their investment in a shorter timeframe.

The best things about my job:
1. Working with a number of different companies, across different industries and sizes, you get a chance to understand what happens under the hood of some of the companies you may encounter in your day to day life
2. Having a team of people around you to solve customer issues makes life a whole lot more fun. Everyone comes from a different backgrounds with different opinions.
3. Working in the software industry is super challenging, which is something I really enjoy!
4. Travel- in my job I've gone over to the USA numerous times at the age of 25. A lot of my friends are lucky if they get to venture out of their office for work.
5. Fun culture- for my current job the energy around the office is always super high! People come to work happy and put a lot of effort into working hard but also allowing time for fun.

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Jo-Ming’s Answer

I work in sales for a software company. My job requires me to talk to customers based in different countries with different cultures.
What I find interesting about my job is that I am constantly challenged by learning different ways to deliver our messages, build relationships, and run sales cycle that works best based on your customer's environment and culture.
I really enjoy interacting with different people both internally with the teams or externally with partners and customers.

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Muhammed’s Answer

I am working in the Technical Support field.

The best part of the job is that we encounter and work on different issues everyday. This poses a challenge and if you like to find solutions for an issue, it is very satisfactory.

You get to interact with people from different cultures and it is interesting to experience their perspective.

The team you work for, plays a huge role in enjoying or despising your work whichever field you work in :)

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Lucy’s Answer

I was a software developer and then moved to technical support and now moved to a solution architect. What I do is to find solutions to meet our customers' goals by using our product. I like my current job the most. There are always new ideas and new questions coming up and that makes it interesting. I'm able to use my current knowledge to help people and also get the chance to continue learning new technology. It's a good mix of interacting with people and focusing on problem-solving.

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Brinda’s Answer

I'm in the computer industry and started when i was 18 when i didn't know what to do after high school. My dad suggested to go into Computers and i had never touched a computer before at all. So i learnt Programming which i loved and haven't looked back. I did start in Programming and why i liked is because it is so logical. When a program works, i can't tell you the joy you feel! I then moved into Sales in the IT industry. I like this as well, since you interact with people and having a sales quota, this drives me, it is a different joy especially when you over achieve your quota !

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Shashank’s Answer

I am Customer Support Engineer and here is what I love about my job

1. New technical Challenge everyday
2. Bringing smile to people's face by fixing the network down situations
3. Using emotional Intelligence to understand people's behavior and situation
4. Talking to my customers
5. Spending time in Lab
6. Motivating people

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Jonathan’s Answer

I’m in sales so for me there are many different things that are interesting, here are my top 2

1.) I get to interact with people from all different walks of life. From businesses to everyday consumers. Getting to hear about people’s lives and their stories are always nice.

2.) Being apart of a team and hearing everyone else’s thought process for how to tackle different issues. It always nice to hear how others arrive to their solution. It allows me to try and implement different thought processes into my everyday work.