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Any recommended colleges for getting any degree in teaching or business ownership?

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I have been dancing for about 8 years now and am interested in owning my own studio, and since starting a company is not the most stable career I also am very interested in teaching English or Art#business #teaching #education

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Cole’s Answer

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Hey Sarah,

I currently attend Arizona State University as a business student. ASU has made great strides in becoming a respected university and the W.P. Carey School of Business is one of the highest rated in the country. ASU can provide you a fairly comprehensive overview of business and I know we have entrepreneurial classes that would be perfect. A good friend of mine is studying to be a teacher and he enjoys the teaching college we have here.
This was helpful and I appreciate the recommendation. I've loved traveling my entire life and I've been trying to decide if I want to stay in my state or travel a bit- this helps a lot thank you. Sarah I. Translate

Ari’s Answer

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Hey Sarah,
If you are looking for a small private school out of state, I would recommend looking at Susquehanna University (I am a current junior). It is 2300 in the middle of Pennsylvania (1 hour from Harrisburg, 1 1/2 hours from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State Main Campus) our business school is AACSB accredited which means it is one of the top business schools in the country along with having a great education department.
If you are looking for a state school that is not in Ohio I would recommend West Chester University of Pennsylvania. They are known for being an education school and in the last few years they built a new building to house the business department.
I would utilize Naviance or Google as much as you can to find the right schools for you. I would say that you should try too figure out what size school you are looking for and whether you want to stay in sate or go out of state for school.

Donna L.’s Answer

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Your question sounds realistic as far as having a backup plan at your age. In that vain, you are already 'steps' ahead. Given that, also consider what college you can afford. State universities offer teaching degrees and you could minor in business to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit. As part of your college application process, I would suggest you also interview some dance studio owners. I am sure they would love to discuss their journey, to assist with your own. Glad you are leaping into additional education; learning is life-long.
As to Ohio, my family grew up in New England but my sister LOVES Columbus.
All the best,

Donna L. recommends the following next steps:

  • Look at state universites.
  • Visit campuses to determine what suits your personality versus your friends.
  • Interview dance studio owners.
  • Visit geographical areas of interest.
  • Set short and long-term goals. Measure against them periodically.

Vasiliki’s Answer

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Hello Sarah!

I am happy to hear that you would like to pursue an advanced degree in education. I received a Master of Education degree from Boston University, Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. I was very satisfied with the quality if the program and I definitely feel more confident. This program gives you also the opportunity to have this program online.

Please find attached the link with the 2021 Best Education Schools: https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-education-schools/edu-rankings

Good luck!!

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Vasiliki Maseli

Sonia D.’s Answer

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Now a days nearly ever college has a Education (teaching) and Business program. I am not from Ohio, but I did a little research found the top known colleges/universities with teaching degrees. I have provided them below in alphabetical order. I also researched colleges/universities in Ohio that have great business degrees. Those below with an ** are them. These colleges/universities you could earn a teaching degree and minor in business.

I have friends who have attended University of Dayton, Miami University and Ohio State University. All had different experiences, but all enjoyed attending them. All have successful careers. Hope this helps you

Ashland University **
Baldwin Wallace University **
Bluffton University
Bowling Green State University
Case Western Reserve University **
Cleveland State University
College of Wooster
Denison University
Franciscan University of Steubenville
John Carroll University **
Kent State University **
Miami University **
Notre Dame College of Ohio
Oberlin College
Ohio Dominican University
Ohio State University **
Ohio University **
Ohio Wesleyan University **
Tiffin University
University of Cincinnati **
University of Dayton **
University of Findlay
University of Mount Union
University of Toledo
Walsh University
Xavier University **

Sonia D. recommends the following next steps:

  • Check the internet of the listed of colleges/universities, compare them (cost, size, distance, campus life)
This was very helpful thank you very much, one of those options are in my hometown- and many of them really close so its nice to know i won't have to travel too far to even have a chance :D Sarah I. Translate