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How do i get paid as a writer?

I am a bit confused and am looking for some help. I've ad this question for a very long time: exactly how do you sell the books you create? And about how much will you earn per book? Or do I, or my agent, choose the price of my books? Please let me know because I am very lost. #author

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2 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Let me walk you through it.
1. You write a book
2. Your agent try to sell it to a publishing house
3. A publishing house buys the rights to distributed
4. It goes to print
5. It goes to stores
-. Sometimes you get approached by publishing houses because your famous and your books fly of the shelves.

You compensation of the process and your agent's compensation depends on the contract you signed. I don't know much about that.

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Erica’s Answer


I love that you are a writer and you are interested in how you are going to make money. In today's world, you don't need an agent. There are many self publishing options on line where you can write, edit, upload you work and they will provide you with world-wide distribution to all major book stores. Online and store fronts. If you choose the self publishing option, you will keep at least 90-100% of the book sells. Getting an agent who will then have to get you a publisher, will set you at 15% or less of the sells. Self-publishing allows you to set your own book price. You sell if for what you feel it is worth. I hope that answered your question and I sure hope it helps you with making the right decision.