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What kind of lesson plan will I be following if I go into college for a communication degree?

I would just like some insight as to what I need to prepare for and/or expect.

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

You will start with more general courses to fulfill the core college competencies. So usually for the first two years, you'll be taking composition, math, science, etc. When selecting electives, you can look at your long term communications degree plan & select courses from that list. All colleges/universities will have a list of required and elective courses you will need to get your degree.

For the most part, the communication courses will be focused on that topic, but varying aspects of it. You will likely take a variety of communication courses such as public relations and business writing. If you choose an emphasis program, you will need a specific list of courses from the main list in order to fulfill your emphasis goal.

If you're unsure of what classes are right for you, you can always ask your advisor for help. They're very good at helping you plan out your college career to make sure you reach all your goals and become successful.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Isabella!

Here are sites that give some good information about women in communications, which could be examples for you to follow:




This site tells about opportunities in communications: