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What are some "beyond the norm" ways to save money in college? - Still open to any and all ideas!

Within the next few months I am going to attend college. Coming from a rural environment, I was hoping to discover some ways to save money. Having already researched possible ways to save money, I was hoping that someone might have something more to share from their personal experiance about saving money. Sure, there is the typical stay at home, attend at community college before going to a four year university, eat top ramen and share text books with other people. I already plan on that, except the top ramen, but is there anything more?

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1 answer

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Loida Otero ➢’s Answer

Hello Levi,

It's great you are thinking along these lines. There are many ways to save money, but I have listed some suggestions below.

Books-You are right, sharing books are a great way to save. However if that isn't possible renting is a great alternative as well. Sometimes professors reserve a copy or two in the library, so that is another option. An old fashion way would be to make copies of the chapters-time consuming, but its way cheaper than purchasing the book. Especially, if you won't need the book for other classes.

Food-If you budget wisely, you can definitely get by. Having family members send you care packages of your favorite snacks is very helpful. Cooking your own food is another way to save. College students get discounts on many things, check what those discounts are and where they are applicable. Most places offer student discounts (i.e. restaurants, museums, drug stores, movie theaters etc.) Ask and you shall find my friend!

Gifts with a purpose-Asking friends and family to send you gift cards or cash for b'day/holiday's to buy things you need or just have money on hand for treats or whatever you fancy is another way to use your money wisely.

Apartment Rentals- First year is recommended and in some cases mandatory to live on campus, but the other years aren't. I know many friends that found awesome room mates and pay for an apartment near campus. The parents/student saves lots of money, since the bulk of the expenses are from living on campus.

Alternative Housing-Fraternities & Sororities typically have a house where Juniors reside in for the year. The dues are relatively low compared campus fees. Also, if work as a Resident Advisor, you can get free room and board.

Stellar Grades- Many organizations offer scholarships for students that maintain a great GPA, so check with your counselors for more information. Some organizations have certain requirements to fulfill, but its definitely worth it.

Making Cash- How about working in the school (work study) during your down time to help pay for school, so many students miss this opportunity, but why not bring down the debt a little by working in the school. Another good solution is selling your notes to students. I knew a friend of mine who took excellent notes and sold them to students. He made a killer "How To" study guide for Microeconomics. Students relied on his notes for exams and study prep. He made a decent inflow of cash as well. Especially, if the professor is demanding, its a challenging subject or a prerequisite that requires extra attention. Lastly, working during vacation is another good way to have some money for books etc.

Check out these links for more info:

Good luck!

Thank you comment icon Those are some great ways to save and make money! Definitely taking notes from your post. Thanks Loida! Anudari
Thank you comment icon This will be helpful for me and thank you for providing so much information. Sadly though, the note taking will not work out for me, due to the fact that my handwriting is my own secret language. If it is through the computer though, that is another story. Thank you for taking time out of your schedual to talk with me about this. Levi
Thank you comment icon If you can think of any other type of information, I would love to hear more. Levi
Thank you comment icon Most welcome, Audari and Levi! Absolutely, will do! The note taking is typed, so don't discard it just yet. My friend typed it, made a study chart and quiz-let to go with it! I forgot the price he charged, but he made a decent amount of money. All using regular Word and programs you can easily get for free (ie. Prezi, Power Point, Keynote etc.) or obtain using the Campus library. Also, if you use Evernote, that would make your life a lot easier and sharing it with other people that use the program even more so. Loida Otero ➢ Social Media Marketer
Thank you comment icon Sounds great and thanks Loida, I'll be sure to use some of your examples in a couple of months. Levi