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I have noticed some schools in my state are phasing out their CS courses, and teaching Computer Software engineering instead. Is this unique to my area or is it a change in trend?

I have decided to start school for the first time. I was initially going for CS but noticed some schools in my area phasing out there CS
classes and instead focusing on software engineering. #tech

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Sonali’s Answer

Yes, It is the demand of the time as it is easy to find a job with those skills.

Hi Sonali. Why are the skills from computer software engineering in higher demand than the abilities you learn in CS? What's the difference? Elaborating more on this question with your unique perspective working at Dell would be extremely valuable to students! Feel free to edit your post accordingly! On behalf of the young people benefiting from your answer and the entire CareerVillage community, thank you for for your continued support of the CareerVillage community! -David Ohta David Ohta COACH