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Why do most jobs differ between pay grade based on experience.

I dont really understand this part of the question...

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5 answers

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Toral’s Answer

Think of it like riding a bike, when your first are learning you're going to randomly crash or fall off your bike, may even have training wheels to assist you while you are learning, once you've been riding your bike for a couple years though the odds of you randomly crashing or falling off are dramatically less.

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Lora’s Answer

Competition is key in this.

Pay is more competitive for someone who has the experience in the job or field they are applying for. They will have more then 1 offer and will have more people trying to get them into their business. Closer to a guarantee they will have a quality employee (although this is not always the case)

Someone with no experience in that field is more of a gamble. They would be taking a chance on that person.

This is very frustrating when you are trying to break into a field without a degree or experience. If you are a quality employee, you will work your way to the position you desire.... work hard and don't let it make you feel less then. Show them you're more then worth the chance!

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Jennifer’s Answer

Experience is the best teacher. I've often see a metrics that say 70% of learning is done on the job. Also, as I've worked with new graduates I've frequently heard how different learned topics are when they are applied in a work setting. All of that said, I think many candidates don't consider all of the experience they might have when applying for a job. When you think about experience, be sure to include any volunteer work you've done, teams or groups you're a part of, group projects you've completed, responsibilities you've taken on an home or in your family, and jobs you've been paid for.

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Bryce’s Answer

Hi Ke'Juan,

Jobs often differ on pay grade based on experience, because more experience means you are more qualified. This higher qualification could actually land people other jobs, but to compete with these other jobs companies have to pay more experienced people more. This also helps keep more experienced employees from pursuing other opportunities due to the higher qualifications.

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Rupa’s Answer

Maybe because of following the age old saying - "Practice makes man Perfect!!" The more old you are in a particular industry, the more you get payed.

But, applying this to differentiate in the pay scale rather than looking for talent or performance is slowly proving to be wrong now a days.
Most of the companies follow the "Bell curve" logic in paying the employees or giving hikes. And the very few of those who are on the right side of the curve(paid more) are again those with more experience. But as any industry gets saturated for a particular skill, this is not correct.

Thank you for the feedback i appreciate it and it greatly helped me understand the difference between why its important to have experience in a career that comes with age Ke'Juan C.