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What are some things to consider and be aware of when you start nearing your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s?

I've been warned to never have a hiatus on your CV as it looks bad for a future employer or school. But, what are some other things to avoid or be aware of as I get older? There's also the fear of getting replaced by someone younger and more energetic, and there's many more. But, how do you even avoid such circumstances? and what do you do? #planning-ahead

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Robin’s Answer

Hi Anudari,

Don't be afraid of paid employment gaps on your resume/cv. If you're out of work but are actively looking, then also sign up as a volunteer for a local organisation or a cause you feel passionate about. Then at the next interview, you can explain that you were looking for work and at the same time were actively involved in a project.
Most employers now value people with worldly experience, so if you took time out to go travelling, then mention the places and the people you have met. Other cultures vary tremendously from our "everyday normal" and you need to be respectful, adapt your behaviour and immerse yourself into the new environment.
Compared to when I was at college - no internet, no mobile phones - there are a huge number of free or cheap online training courses that you can then add to your cv/resume.
Do you have skills you could offer - in the UK in particular there is a huge project to get people over 60+ online and provide them with basic internet skills - this is mainly due to a lot of services especially in rural areas being only accessible online - banking, mbookign appointments, training, making travel arrangements - consider offering your skills
What about volunteering at the local school - after school and holiday clubs always need help keeping the children amused

So to summarize, don't worry about the work gaps, just fill them with other activities that add to your cv/resume and show off your talents

Thank you so much Robin! I agree with you that volunteering is a great way to fill the gap, while gaining experience and helping the community. It's an act of kindness and support that benefits everyone. Also, the project to get "people over 60+ online and provide them with basic internet skills" is a great cause! especially with how they can often get neglected, and it's definitely a cause we need more of and not just in the UK. Thanks again! Anudari A.

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