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Do psychologists patients get annoying

Are some people that come to you just being dramatic? #haha

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Amari’s Answer

If you are not connecting with your client (and if you find them annoying), you can refer them to a colleague that you think would be a better fit. When you are just starting out in your training, though, you won't have as much control over choosing your clients, and you might find that you don't like some of them. Remember that people seek counseling because they are suffering, and if you struggle to take their pain seriously, then this might not be the best career path for you. A good idea would be to test it out before you commit. You can do that by volunteering as a crisis counselor. There are many opportunities online, and you can do it from home using your own computer. That will give you some experience in the field and you can decide if you like it. Plus, volunteering as a crisis counselor will look great on a resume.