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when did you decide you wanted to be a nurse?

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2 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Abigale !!

I knew I wanted be a nurse when I was 12 years old. I began helping my Dad with his insulin injections at that age. Giving them in locations he couldn't reach. Then in middle school I took my first biology class and I was in love with the science.

Combining the science of biology and the ability to help people was the greatest thing to me and still is today.

Nursing is hard. The education and the work, but it is very rewarding. You are surrounded by many nurse who become like family. Some are mentors, some are best friends. I've worked with some of the best leaders and now I am a leader myself.

Nursing is a wonderful gift.
Good luck !

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Janeen’s Answer

I thought about it in high school but my decision to become a nurse was made in college. My mom was a nursing assistance which made one of the deciding factors for me.
I have enjoyed my nursing career because has taken me through many avenues: Case Management, Coding, Public Health, Cardiology, Traveling to name a few. The flexibility is not in many professions.
My best advise is to learn behaviors to make yourself mentally stronger, as many areas of nursing are emotionally tough, but the people you care for need you to be sound. You will need this attribute.
Also, find people who are doing the type of nursing you would like to do and interview or if possible job shadow with them.
This can save you a lot of time by pinpointing which nursing role works best for you or if you are even interested in the career as a whole.
Best of luck to you!