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i want to become a motor bike engineer?what subject i can take please guide my question

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hi! i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #professional

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Hi Shiv

Your questions shows your interest in Motor bikes. Good that you notified your line of interest. Here are few ways which will help you.

Take up science group in in PUC. In India you have to take up BE ( Mech ) and should take up internship in any Mechanical engg company to support your knowledge on Engines. Eg TVS, Hyundai, Honda etc...

Out side India there are few universities which is offering BEng Motorcycle Engineering.

This is the structure

As one of the first degrees of its kind, this program will enable students to develop the specific expertise required in such areas as data acquisition and motorcycle dynamics for the design and development of the modern road and competition motorcycle. Students from this program have been involved with race teams from championships such as British Superbike and MotoGP, and Swansea Metropolitan University has excellent contacts in this growing industry. Graduate destinations include Yamaha Tech 3 Moto GP and Rizla Suzuki.

Program Structure

Year 1 Mathematics Applied Engineering Practice Electronics and Microprocessors Engineering Science CAD Materials and Processes Motorcycle Chassis and Powertrain Technology

Year 2 Group Project Engineering Business Skills and Techniques Engine Design Performance and Thermodynamics Structures Materials and Aerodynamics CAD, Manufacture and Testing Motorcycle Dynamics and Power and Transmission

Year 3 Major Project Advanced Computer Methods Engine Structural Design Structure and Materials

There are crash courses available in Bangalore for 2 months I have shared the links below.

http://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/service-training.html http://rcbangalore.ignou.ac.in/programmes/detail/624/2



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