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Quel est le profil d'un humanitaire afin d’être recruté

What is the profile of a humanitarian in order to be recruited

I am passionate about a humanitarian mission or creating an NGO.


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Hi Adama!

Here are a few things you should add in your profile:

1. Past Internships / Volunteer Work in Non-Profit sectors
2. Languages you speak! If you can write and speak English & French, that's a bonus.
3. Add in your Educational Background - BAs / Get a Master's Degree too.

Like other for-profit organizations, NGOs have different departments & teams like Human Resources, Marketing, Fundraising & Grants, Finance and so on. It would be best if you know which area you would like to focus on so you can gain experiences in that field and then it'll be easier for you to look for roles available in the NGO sector. :)

très pertinente votre réponse MERCI Adama delard S.