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i got a job in Saginaw MI

i recently got a job of #wireless associate in #saginaw,MI.but i am from India so what will be next will that company sponsor me? Although that have sent me various docs for consent should i #sign them?

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2 answers

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Mathew’s Answer

I am not a lawyer, but generally speaking, the company will have to sponsor you for a work visa before you can come to US and work locally. This could take a good amount of time and be expensive (unless the company coverts it fully).

Before you accept and sign documents, I would also suggest to consult an attorney and also confirm with others who might have got similar jobs with this company before and how it worked out for them.

Good luck and best regards

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Hassan’s Answer

I'm not a lawyer, but I doubt that this type of entry level job would qualify for any kind of visa sponsorship. Did you tell them you were not eligible for employment without their sponsorship?

I'd be very careful about what you sign and consult with an immigration attorney.