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What are some key requirements as I go into Financing.

As I get older and go to college what are the main requirements?#career

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2 answers

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Derrick’s Answer

This is a great question Darryon and you know what I can tell you is that the fact that you are thinking about this means you are heading in the right direction. In terms of requirements I wouldn't really call them requirements but great milestones to shoot for. I will list them below. On top of this I suggest that you first make some personal goals about where you want to be and then make sure to stick to them.

Derrick recommends the following next steps:

Stay is school and try to get good grades.
Study and pass the SAT/ACT
Volunteer and get involved at school and in your community
Start building your resume
Reach out to Colleges and Universities and get involved there if you can as well

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Elpida’s Answer

Hey Darryon!

Financing is definitely a tedious journey but will be worth it in the end if this is something you're truly passionate about. Depending on which college you go, each one will have different requirements to claim a major. I suggest being undeclared your first year, that way you can fulfill all your requirements for your major. Be prepared to take many math and economic courses. There's a lot of advanced calculus and statistics courses. Maybe try to get a job in a bank as a teller or find a company you really like and offer to volunteer. During your bachelor's you can also try to find an internship, as this is the best hands on experience in the field. This is a stressful field of work but I wish you the best! I hope this was helpful in some ways.