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How do I find a job that will help me support my family?

I want to get paid but i'm not old enough but i would like to try and do something. Anything really. job

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5 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,

I would also ask around your neighborhood and see if anyone needs help with their day-to-day tasks, or mowing their lawn, washing their dog, watering plants while they are away on business, babysitting, picking up trash, etc. Being young can be hard but use this opportunity to network and meet new people, ask where you can help, when you can help, let people know that you are available, and make sure that you are reliable so that people will want call you when they need something. That way when you are old enough to get a job, you may already know someone who has an opening, or someone may be more willing to hire you because they know you are reliable. You got this! Good luck in your search.
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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,

I applaud you for wanting to help support your family. If you have access to the NextDoor app or even a neighborhood FaceBook page, I would suggest advertising jobs you can easily do to help neighbors and get paid for your efforts. Good old word of mouth and flyers in neighbors' mailboxes works well too! Some jobs you could advertise for include: babysitting, tutoring, yard work, snow shoveling, pet sitting/walking, elder company, grocery pickup, walking younger kids home from school or picking up from the bus stop.

Good luck!
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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,
You seem to be driven and ambitious. You might consider becoming a tutor for other children, to help with their studies. Is there anything you are very passionate about or have a particular skill, that you want to share with the world (for example, baking?)

You could also consider the needs of the people around you. Is there something that you could help them with, that they would be willing to pay for?

Feel free to reply if you need more guidance!

All the best,
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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Isaiah!

I would look into entry level jobs that do not require experience or a certain age to start. Many retail positions hire teenagers with no experience. I would do some searching online, and also ask around to see what your peers are doing so that you have a better idea of your options.

Hope this helps!

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Rychel’s Answer


How exciting that you're hoping to find work while also being a student. Below are some suggestions I'd have for jobs that appear to be achievable while going to school. I'm not sure how old you are, but there might be some jobs below that you could seek out.

Nanny - Nanny jobs are popular because they offer plenty of flexibility.

Call Center Representative - Many students are able to build a cushion by putting on a headset and working at a call center.

Virtual Assistant - This is a fitting job for any student who is organized, a whiz on the computer, and, preferably, possesses previous administrative experience.

On-Demand Staffing Jobs - Those seeking variety and ultimate flexibility need to look no further than Wonolo, our on-demand solution that puts you in touch with companies in need of extra help.

Food Service Worker - Waiting tables to get through school may sound like a cliche, but there’s a reason why serving, bartending, slinging espresso drinks, and washing dishes are such popular jobs among students.

Home Health Aide - The job also offers plenty of flexibility in the form of weekend and evening hours.

Tutor - Tutoring jobs can be found in a variety of places, in peer tutoring programs at the university, at private firms, or even remotely, in online formats.

Administrative Assistant - Companies hiring administrative assistants may not offer the same level of flexibility as restaurants or retail stores, but they do provide professional office environments that can give students a real edge as they head into the real world.

Hotel Front Desk Receptionist or Gym Receptionist - Students majoring in hospitality need to look no further than hotel front desk receptionist positions. Similar to gym receptionist jobs, hotel receptionist positions offer the potential of 24-hour scheduling that can fit well within the work days of any college student.

Life Guard - Full-time students in search of summer employment options would benefit from looking into local lifeguarding positions.

Social Media Assistant - Companies love to hire young, college-age employees to run their social media accounts because–let’s face it–college-age people are already on social media a lot these days.

Ride Share Driver - Driving for a ridesharing app, like Uber or Lyft, is an excellent option for college students, as the job offers 24/7 hours, with pay typically being at its highest on evenings and weekends.

Cleaner - Typically cleaners are able to set their own schedule and particularly entrepreneurial ones might even see a freelance business opportunity in this low-overhead service.

Bank Teller - Bank teller jobs are particularly valuable to finance, accounting, business, and marketing students hoping to one day use their degrees to work at financial institutions.

Brand Ambassador - Brand ambassadors work for a variety of organizations, including sports teams, restaurants, hospitality firms, beverage makers, food makers, nightclubs, and more.

House Painter - Students who possess previous painting experience can land jobs as local house painters, either working solo or for companies.

Tour Guide - It’s common to see students providing tours on campus, but city tour guide jobs are also fitting choices for college students in need of cash and flexible schedules.

Interpreter / Translator - Interpreter/translator jobs are great fits for students who are fully bilingual.

Fitness Instructor - High-energy students are great fits for these positions, especially ones that already hold personal training certifications, play collegiate sports, or are majoring in corresponding fields, such as kinesiology, dance, or physical therapy.

Online Data Entry Clerk - These clerical jobs can be performed at any time of the day or night, from the comfort of a dorm room, and generally only require a rudimentary knowledge of data entry and data preservation.

Best of luck - I hope one or a few of these options might be of interest to you!