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Is automotive technician a hard career?

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3 answers

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Muhammad’s Answer

career is defined as: an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.

Just to preface, I am a mechanical engineer. But I know a lot of technicians in my specific field & know friends who work as engineers in automotive. I also have family who work with trucks and cars as technicians.

I read your question as "Is automotive technician a hard (real) career". If this isn't what you meant, please let me know as a comment. Thanks!

Short answer is yes.

As long as automobiles are around (which I would think will be a while)…automotive technicians will be needed. The only thing that may be changing is the topics covered in a certification program. I would speculate that the world will slowly transition more towards electrical cars. Hence technicians who specialize in gasoline engines, may have dropping demand as we transition to batteries and electric motors. But, the other components i.e. transmissions, differentials, braking etc will likely be similar.

In terms of progression, this really boils down to the employer. There is technicians who work for larger corporations, where they have a lot more training opportunities and progression. Some technicians may choose to start their own practice, where the progression is entirely up to yourself. Lastly you may work for a smaller local company, where the progression maybe significantly limited.

yes thats was the question i was asking thank you for the advice will use it to better my self and my career as a future automotive technician for toyota paul L.

Good luck Paul. I have a few friends in Toyota and have heard good things. Also they are a big player in the market which means progression/job security. Only thing I would advise is that be flexible & always keep an eye out for how to make things better. I know a few technicians in Oil that ended up in managerial roles through being flexible (willing to do jobs other than work on their specific technical field) & always wanting to make things better. Muhammad Shao

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Emory’s Answer

Just about every one of my closest friends is an automotive tech and I myself have been building and working on cars ever since I could walk. The automotive tech industry (much like any other industry) is a difficult one BUT your skill level and technical abilities are all determined by how much you envelop yourself with the ever evolving tech and maintenance of said tech. That being said, I'm in the IT field as a technical support engineer for Java based instrumentation of my companies products. My ability to help customers grows everyday as I continue to do my best to keep up with the ever evolving language of Java and the constant iterations of our product.

With that, I recommend trying to figure out what area of the automotive industry you want to pursue. Gotta start somewhere right? Maybe it's european cars, maybe it's diesel, maybe it's motorcycles, maybe you want to go straight to being a part of a race team...what ever path it is, you should look into getting ASE certified first. ASE certification takes the hardest part out of the equation which is getting even a small shop to pay attention to you and hire you, much less a larger dealer garage like BMW or Nissan.

Hope this helps!

yes thank you will use this advice in my career as a future toyota technician paul L.

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Segun’s Answer

Before I reply,let me start by emphasizing on the fact that there's no course that is too cheap or too hard to succeed in , provided the applicant develops an intrinsic interest in that particular course of study and he or she has first studied his ability to go for that particular course.. Ofcos it wouldn't be difficult for such students to be successful in the course.. Having at the back of your mind that you are choosing that course because of the intrinsic passion u have for it and secondly having critically considered your intellectual abilities before going for the course..Your are good to Go..God bless you