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Would you pursue a masters in math or education?

Asked Huntsville, Alabama

As an aspiring mathmatics teacher, I am interested in whether I should teach with my bachelors degree in math education before pursuing higher degrees. I am also interested in knowing if a masters in mathmatics or education would be better for me #teaching #mathematics

2 answers

John’s Answer

Updated Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hi, Paige: we certainly need math teachers, that's for sure! If you're teaching now, I would recommend you continue for a while as suggested by the previous advisor. A masters in education will give you lots of ideas about how to teach math better whereas a masters in math, well, it would give you a more in-depth understanding of math. I don't know of too many people going on for a masters in math -- rather they're on their way to a PhD . . . that would allow them to teach at the college level. So, I guess that's one decision for you to contemplate . . . at what level do you want to teach - high school or college? Really it all boils down to what you love about math. Your love for the subject will inspire those you teach, so I would recommend concentrating on that question: what makes you love math? . . . then pursue that interest as you continue your education. If you love the teaching part more than the math part, then a masters in education might be the answer. Either way, an advanced degree will definitely help you advance in your teaching career.

Deepak’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi Paige,

In regards to the question, if you are recent college graduate, you might want to put off earning that master's degree until you have some teaching experience. Pennsylvania elementary school teacher, Lori Raible, for example, chose to go back to school part-time after securing a full-time teaching job with a bachelor's degree. Raible was concerned about the prospects within a school district for a teacher with an advanced degree but no real-world experience.

Timing for a master's degree is a personal decision, as is the choice of whether to go to school full or part-time. These days, education options are fairly flexible and if a master's degree is for you, it shouldn't be difficult to find a program that fits your needs.

Source link: http://www.educationdegree.com/articles/masters-in-education

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