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What is the riskiest thing that has happened to you? What did you have to do to become a border patrol?How do you get away from your family and take yourself somewhere else?

My name is brian,my age is 17 years old ,l am from the united states but l grew up in mexico,my dream has always been to be a border patrol from a very young age and l know that l will achieve it. career

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2 answers

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Chuck’s Answer

Interesting set of questions. The US Customs and Border Patrol has a career website here: wherein you can find the requirements necessary to join the agency. Typically veterans of the military will come in with a higher pay-grade for the agency as they have served within the US government previously and have some exposure to working in government conditions and regulations. You would also learn proper handling and respect for firearms as well as proficiency with same. It will not be a high-paying career, but it could be a satisfying career in public service.

As for the riskiest thing that happened to me personally, it's a complete toss up with many close calls. However, maybe it was being in a foreign country during a military coup and revolution. The running battles, bombs and terror attacks for a solid week were enough to make it clear how much I missed home. Knowing where I was working was burned completely down the day after I left made me extremely happy to be home again and very sad for those left behind. That was difficult in a foreign land and know that we had only so long to get things done before the end occurred.

As for getting away from family, that could mean many things. If you want to be mature, learn discipline and responsibility on the way to becoming a border patrol agent, then the military night provide a good start. You'll have a whole new family of brothers and sisters though. They'll depend on you and you on them. It's a choice to make - is that the direction you want or not? It would give you a leg up on the US CBP application in the long run, but it requires hard work and discipline.

Chuck recommends the following next steps:

Think about your desired end goal.
Realize that the single best thing you can do for yourself is to learn to adapt and survive.
Do not hang all of your hopes on a single end goal - life often does not turn out how we expect.
Learn to roll with the changes of life. They will occur.
You may end up with many life experiences. Cherish them even when they are painful - they are lessons.
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Naomi’s Answer

I would recommend you review the Border Patrol website to see if they have an opportunity for you to see what they are about such as shadowing, day in the life of, etc. Good luck!

One of the riskiest things I did was leaving my hometown and moving away to a place that I didn't have a support system in place. It was hard at first but it was the best decision I made. I made an effort to keep in touch with family and friends back home very often if not daily to keep my roots. But I enjoyed meeting new people, seeing new places and being exposed to other ways of thinking to expand my wings.