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what benefits to you get on being a banker?


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1 answer

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Sylvester’s Answer

what benefits do you get on being a banker?

The question is a great one, the benefits of being a banker can vary from bank to bank. I've worked for two and the term banker had it's loose interpretation. Two things to consider when considering a career in banking one do I like helping people, not like in retail where someone is coming there in most cases to buy a product off the shelf, rack or behind the counter.

Bankers can see people when they are at the best times of they're lives, a happy time, buying a home, buying a car planning for their families future. There are times that you find people that are going through some of the worst times of their lives, job loss, fraud not understanding where their money has gone. Some just don't know anything at all about a bank and how it works. Bankers have to love to help people help them when things are good and when they are bad, when they are happy, sad, mad or confused. The beauty and benefit is that when you're done helping them you've cleared things up for them or helped them celebrate a milestone.
The best bankers be it relationship banker, teller or officer of the bank in a local branch is that you have passion to help and a passion for finance, one can't really exist with out the other.

No one wants to have to deal with a person who knows finance but hasn't listen to their needs only spewed off a bunch of numbers or products that were only important to the bank or themselves. On the other hand if you are there to gain guidance on making the best decision in regards to your finances , it's great that the banker is nice but you have to trust that they know what they are talking about.

Benefits are limitless because banking has so many different roles you can play with the bank, definitely can be great earning potential if you are able to marry passion for people and passion to learn financial products. The ability to work anywhere in the country, meeting new people, learning new things and helping people.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your journey.

Sylvester recommends the following next steps:

Next step open a checking account if you're not old enough yet get your parents to open with you. Visit your bank or credit union. Learn about the products the bank has to offer.
Ask at the bank of they have a mentorship program there where you can spend some time there in a local bank.