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What are some things that you considered before entering the Medical Field?

I am a freshman and currently exploring the Medical field and would medicine doctor job medical college love to know the things you thought of when considering your job.

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1 answer

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Rahul’s Answer

In your journey you would come across a number of individuals who would be in a position to influence you (some at the very early stage). It is important at this point to understand that you need to be your own person and take a firm stand on issues of allegiance. I have often found myself in the unenviable position of having to stand up for my beliefs and decide consciously to not be party to an automatic construct that will constantly try it's level best to influence you (bolstered and often emboldened by your inherent and inbuilt sense of a misleading social responsibility). Remember at pivotal points in your journey that you started as your own person and it is important to remind yourself that at every point in the way. Also medicine as a profession demands that you position yourself in a certain manner. Take the plunge if you are comfortable with the constructs being built around that sort of positioning. Believe in being part of (only) the real world around you.