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Do you have to train to be a chef?

I want to be a chef. #chefs

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2 answers

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Subbaiah’s Answer

You should get an admission in culinary school.
Culinary program will teach you how to cook food, and also other skills which are needed for a successful career in cooking & ny the way most apprenticeship programs require a high school diploma or GED to get in, so earn this very important diploma. Diploma in Culinary arts will be helpful for a quick entry level job in fine restaurants.

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Allison’s Answer

Hi Travis!

Great question! You do not have to be trained to be a chef!
If you want to be a chef I would suggest reading food blogs, cook books, and food magazines to learn about recipes. You can also get a job in a kitchen and learn about what a day to day looks like for a chef.

I love cooking and am not a chef. The way I learn is by reading as much as I can, and by practicing cooking every day! You can start by making simple meals and soon you will be a well trained chef!

Hope this helps!
Good luck!