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What is an ideal Job for an Master of Health Administration student right out of school?

2nd year MHA candidate seeking employment right out of school upon my graduation in May 2022 college mha healthadmin healthadministration

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Great question. With an MHA you may want to began your career working in the Healthcare Insurance. Each healthcare company is in need of new young and leaders in many areas of healthcare. It is a field that will never die and the amount of opportunity with or without a master's is almost limitless. You can start in customer service as a project analyst or manager, you could be a data analyst for call centers and other departments. If you have a business background you would be perfect for the marketing department. Get involved with any of the health insurance companies in your area and you will see the great potential your career can have.
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Mariana’s Answer


My bachelor’s degree is in Health Services Administration and my career path has been quite different than what I pictured when I was a student. This career path can be diverse and provide a many different views of the healthcare field. You can begin your health administration career in a hospital setting, small clinics, or even health insurance companies. The experience in these setting can be quite different. In my experience, I have seen a higher volume and more fulfilling job opportunities within the health insurance field. With your degree you have a broad view of the healthcare operations and are able to work in positions such as process improvement, analytics, project management, etc.

The health insurance field also tends to be in a corporate setting where there is less member interaction. If you choose to follow a career path in a small clinic of practice your member interaction would be much higher. The Health Administration field can provide you with many other career opportunities once you have gained experience in your particular area. The best way to know what healthcare setting works better for you is to identify your future goals and your personality type. This will allow you narrow down your options and find your areas of interest.

Good luck!