What exactly does a social worker do

What is it that social workers do

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There is a website just for social workers. You will find a ton of information there. I am not in the field but I have dealt with a social worker who oversees my mother's care at a nursing. There are social workers that do one-on-one counseling but I encourage you to check out this website. https://www.socialworkers.org/pressroom/features/general/profession.asp

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Good question! Social Workers provide the necessary resources, needed to help individuals become self sufficient and back on their feet again. They are the liaison between, the client and the community organizations. Social Workers are case managers. They are there in the most difficult times. Social Workers are needed in the school, hospital, prison, social service agencies, drugs and alcohol facilities, mental health, and many many more locations. Some of duties include: interviewing, assess needs, develop plans, research resource, diagnose client behavior and develop a plan. They are there when needed for questions. They are there to help relieve some of the everyday life stress for their clients.We are problems solvers. It is an excellent field, if you like working and helping people. It is a very rewarding job.

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