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What are common dislikes that come with being a Pharm Tech?

I like to help hands-on and enjoy interacting with other people. I'm working on a #Pharmacy-Tech certification right now.

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3 answers

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Perry’s Answer

Working as a pharmacy technician is a great job, however, it is not without its drawbacks.

I can think of three common things that irk me a bit as a pharmacy technician:

1.) Patients think we only put pills in a bottle
While that is one aspect of the job, we also communicate with their doctors, their insurances, place special orders, type in prescriptions, place refills, inventory, etc. and for a large amount of people at any given time.

2.) Sometimes we have to prove our worth to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.
Sure we don't have the same education as RN's or physicians etc, but we are capable professionals as well and are part of their patients healthcare team.

and finally,

3.) People who think they have a right to yell at you because they can
Granted, most people who come into a pharmacy are there because they are not well, it does not give them an excuse to be a bully.

Being a pharmacy technician is very patient centric and can require speaking with a lot of different stakeholders ( a patients insurance, their doctors, other family members). Communication is key to resolving a lot of these problems and pharmacy technicians must have compassion, the ability to think outside the box, and patience. Being a pharmacy technician is def not for everyone.
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Anthony’s Answer

Hi Marie,
I am not a pharmacy technician, but I am a pharmacy manager. Although I can’t speak entirely on behalf of technicians, I do feel like I have a good relationship with my techs and have a good idea of their likes and dislikes of their job.
I think their biggest dislike (and for pharmacists too, for that matter) is how they are treated. So often, patients cannot be the nicest when they hear something they don’t want to, such as being out of refills, having new insurance coverage, or their medication cost is exceptionally high. This isn’t as much of a function of the job as it is the nature of customer service, but I think it is worth mentioning. It is wildly known and accepted people in customer service have to deal with rude customers. However, it is a bit different when dealing with someone’s health, and I think it is worth mentioning.
Additionally, I think that technicians aren’t too fond of the labor intensiveness of the position. Although it is a lot of computer work and work that is leisurely, such as counting, there is also a lot of grunt work that has to be put in by pharmacy technicians, such as changing garbages, standing for long hours, putting away drugs, and bending down/reaching up very often.
I also think that learning the basics of being a pharmacy technician is pretty straightforward. However, the position is extremely difficult to master. I often find that an experienced technician can make or break a pharmacy more than a pharmacist. I think this is also a bit burdensome for technicians who are first starting or experienced and are leaned on a lot by their coworkers.

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Steven’s Answer

Hi there! I was once a pharmacy tech (though full disclosure, I no longer work in the industry). Some of my dislikes about the role:
- You're standing the entire time
- You're constantly learning, but after a while, it can get repetitive - it's not for everyone
- It can be tough dealing with patients
Really, I would say most of the cons I can think of are mostly related to the retail aspect of pharmacy technician work.