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What if I am also interested in another business area, such as finance, accounting or management?

Asked Towson, Maryland

Accounting student at Towson university #account-management

4 answers

Brian’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

I would suggest talking to your guidance counselor at college. If you have multiple fields you are interested in such as business and finance or business and accounting sometimes it is possible to have a major in one field and get a minor in another. I would highly suggest as some others have commented to try to take some personality tests to see what fields you like and what you are good in. Internships are a great way to ensure you would like something too. If you are getting bachelors degree I would suggest trying to do an internship every summer that you can. The experience is very valuable and looks great on resume. Try to find if your college has any other clubs or groups you can join to make connections with other students who might know people. Networking is very important in helping you to find job as well.

Rachelle’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Hi Ayomide,

I would encourage you to check out the different clubs within the business school at your university! You may not necessarily feel compelled to join every one, but they're usually very open about letting students attend their various events. Go on job shadows, network with professionals at club events, and talk to your fellow classmates to gage how others are navigating the career search process.

Mark’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida

I would recommend trying to network with as many professionals as possible who work in the areas you are interested in. Your professors/school should be able to assist in connecting you with the various professionals. Professionals working in industry will be able to provide the best insight into what a job in their area entails on a daily basis, along with explaining the path they took to being in their current role. From a school perspective, I would take as many elective classes as possible to explore the areas you are interested, and to also inquire about internships available (even if they are unpaid) that would give you exposure to a respective area.

Mark recommends the following next steps:

  • Reach out to professors/school about ways to network with professionals working in industry
  • Network with professionals in industry
  • Take elective courses in various areas of interest
  • Inquire about internships available in areas of interest

Kerri LO’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

I would suggest to take an elective class under these departments to make sure you're interested in those fields. You could also take a minor or double major and talk to a professional/professor in those fields as well.

Kerri LO recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk to your academic advisor
  • Identify individuals in each field to talk to and ask questions