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What are good extra curricular activities to get involved in for a business major?

i want to make sure I'm involved a lot in college but i want it to be related and helpful for the career i want to pursue #getting-involved

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2 answers

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Stefano’s Answer

I was apart of various clubs, such as ALPHA and FBLA.

This really depends on your goal. If you are seeking employment, then I suggest company informational sessions or career fairs. If you are trying to build connections, then clubs or honor societies would be best.

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Ashley’s Answer

I found it very useful to try many different clubs, from business-focused like Beta Alpha Psi and FBLA, to student government organizations, to the Fashion Industry Association. Once I found communities that reflected my personal and/or career interests, I focused on a few to really be involved in. College can be super overwhelming at first, but trying everything first to explore and really discover where your interests are is one way I was able to not only build a community at my school, but also discover what I wanted to do as a career.