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I am in 7th grade and would like to explore the life of an aspiring attorney, during and after law school, do you have any advice or insight on the matter?

I have always been interested in law and government and would like to become a lawyer to exercise those strengths. Although I would like to become an attorney I would like to know how it will effect my daily life. To be more specific, how long will it take me to pay off lones, how flexible are their hours and about how many cases will I get and how much will I make when I take on those cases?

Hey Hannah! To answer your questions specifically, law school is expensive. Because of this, most students will have a debt of some sort. Based on how much you can pay the tuition during your studies, it will usually take a couple of years to pay off the loans. Some have more difficulty paying for it than others. For example, one of my family members is a lawyer and has been practicing for 11 years, and she still hasn't been able to pay off her loans because her family couldn't provide to pay for a lot of her tuition. Ramtin M.

Others can pay off the debt in a couple years. Flexibility of hours and work load completely depends what type of a lawyer you become. Case lawyers usually take a lot of cases since there are always criminal cases. Now, corporate or patent lawyers tend to have less of a workload but have long term cases. Payroll depends of the type of lawyer you are as well. Based on my research, corporate lawyers tend to make more on average. Lawyers get paid hourly and usually get a hefty pay for each case. Ramtin M.

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Ken’s Answer

Congratulations on being interested in becoming a lawyer. Here is an article that you might find interesting: ## https://www.thebalance.com/so-you-want-to-become-a-lawyer-2164536 ##