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Can I change the world if I have a degree?

Asked Glendale, Arizona

I want to change the world, make it a better place. #environmental

3 answers

Daphne’s Answer

Updated Fort Collins, Colorado
You don't need a degree, by getting involved in things that matter to you, you will change the world in some way.

Feranmi’s Answer

Hello, its important for you to know that anyone can change the world if you so desire... a degree is necessary talking about education, certificate and all of that ; but if you don't have that its very possible to go ahead with the pursuit . the fist thing you need to identify is this ' how do you want to change the world?' you can only effectively change the world when a self discovery is made. we as humans all desire to live a purposeful life and effect a change in our generation, its only a question of how. what talent do you have? you also need to know where you are... certificate doesn't rule the world, passion does!!!

Lauren’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I think we all change the world a little, every day, by living in it. If you are interested in the environment, perhaps you might explore careers in environmental policy or environmental law. You might also select options such as Environmental Health or Sociology. I would suggest that you explore different schools and careers and see what is offered by each that might interest you. This might help you eliminate some schools and career options and focus in on others. Best of luck!