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What's the best way for a taurus to study?

I personally remember things when repetition falls in play. What would be the best way to study something and remember it? #taurus #study-habits

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2 answers

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Taylor’s Answer

Hello Shaquana! I am also a horoscope Taurus and here is what works for me - maybe you can use some of these tips. Remember, it's all about finding what works for you -- and then stick to it!

- I am sensitive to your surroundings and greatly benefit from studying alone in a calm, quiet, and familiar environment. Find a place that is a good study environment for and stick to it! I personally have to find a place that I know will be free of distractions. Also, identify the time of day that works best for you and stick to it! Personally, my mind is the most sharp in the morning.
- Break up a larger project or studying for a large test into smaller chunks so that it does not feel so overwhelming. Create a personal timeline for each "small chunk" so it holds you accountable and you feel the progress you're making. This will also help to avoid last-minute cramming or stress before the assignment is due or the test date.
- I learn quicker when I engage all of my senses to help me learn the material better. I like to read, write, teach others, and listen - all to help me solidify the learned material. Find a few different study methods that work for you and do each of them with the same material!
- Realize if you are a quick or slow learner and be okay with it! I know that I am a slower learner, so I start studying sooner because of that. Everyone is different!

Best of luck!

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Ashley’s Answer

Create a short to-do list of topics to learn and then set a timer in 20-45 minute intervals with rests in between. You'll be amazed how fast the time goes!