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What are some examples of art careers

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3 answers

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Krystal’s Answer

You could be a museum professional, working to set up exhibits and training docents. It's a bit competitive, but if you feel passionate about art, it would be a good job to be in.

Krystal recommends the following next steps:

Get a degree in Museum Education

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Prerna’s Answer

Hello Sadie,

There are a lot of options in careers in the art and design field. Below are a few that you would want to pursue a career in:

• Art Directors

• Craft and Fine Artists

• Fashion Designers

• Floral Designers

• Graphic Designers

• Industrial Designers

• Interior Designers

• Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

• Multimedia Artists and Animators

• Set and Exhibit Designers

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Randy’s Answer

Hi, Sadie! I assume you mean beyond just being an artist of some sort like actor, painter, etc. I know a lot of colleges have arts management programs that train you to be a museum curator or an artistic director at a company. That is a great option. You also have to think about if you have any interest in teaching. The arts can always use more educators. Good luck!

Randy recommends the following next steps:

Decide your interest level in various components.