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How do you organize a fashion show?

I am asking because I want to be a fashion designer and soon exploit my work.

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Maria’s Answer

Hello Tiara, To have a successful fashion show, decide how many designs you will need based on the amount of time you have planned for the show. Take a look on line at designer shows to understand how many outfits shown and the time it takes for them to be modelled. Once you have your models, leave time for fitting your designs making adjustments prior to show. Plan the outfits with shoes and accessories. Don't forget about hair, makeup and all the things that will style each look as well. Getting friends to be dressers, style hair and makeup are helpful too. Don't forget about the music to set the mood and for the models to walk to! As soon as you find a place to hold your fashion show-this could be a donated space, advertise the event on social media in advance too.
Good luck! Maria