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Griffin Apr 15, 2018 414 views

How will I be able to transition my lackluster high school study skills to the college level and improve on them?

Obviously my current study skills will get me nowhere in college! I need help! Organization is not my middle name. If there is anyone out there that was in my shoes in High School that turned around, please share what you did to change! #inneedofstudyskills

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Griffin Apr 15, 2018 458 views

I would truly like to have answer as to how the average person is supposed to pay for a basic college education without being in debt for the rest of their lives.

The cost of colleges these days is astronomical and frightens me. I watch my mom stressing over this ever since my dad died a year and a half ago. I know she doesn’t want to let me down. So I fill out every scholarship I can, I’ll work this summer when I get out of high school and work during...