Our Mission:

To democratize access to career information and advice.

The Problem

For young people around the world, the internet is a place where you can get any question answered. But when it comes to career guidance, reliable sources of information for youth are hard to come by and hard to digest, especially online. Ask any 16 year old around the world to take 10 minutes searching online for career advice and you’ll quickly discover that what they find is boring, complicated, often overwhelming, and almost never designed specifically for youth. 85% of low-income youth in the US search Google for questions about careers, college selection, skilled trades, summer activities, getting internships, improving academic performance, and much much more on a monthly basis. What they get is discouraging.

Traditionally, youth get career advice within their communities -- parents, teachers, and near-peers. We have seen how the limitations of this network approach plays out in low-income communities. This is a huge global problem. With global youth unemployment at record levels, being unable to find the answers to important questions about careers makes it nearly impossible to chart your path to gainful employment. We used to turn to educators to solve this problem, but with dramatic change taking place in the post-secondary world and 500 students for every guidance counselor in America (and often worse ratios outside the US), we can’t put it all on the educators’ shoulders. This problem is exacerbated for youth in the Global South where the work experience of elders is inapplicable to 21st Century STEAM careers. As jobs are moving to developing nations, the gulf between career role models and future workers has a huge opportunity-cost. The world needs a cloud-based solution for career advice - CareerVillage is that solution.


The Solution

What if we could promise every student in the world that we could get them the answer to any question about any career, from real-life professionals speaking from real-life experience? And what if it was as easy and natural as using Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr? At CareerVillage.org we use crowdsourcing to provide personal career guidance to students at massive scale. Our web platform matches the career questions students ask to our volunteer corps of over 15,000 working professionals with relevant expertise and a wealth of experiences to share. The advice students get is tailored for them, it’s reliable, and it’s encouraging and inspirational. 100% of our program is digital, which makes it so accessible, so scalable, and so easy to participate no matter how much (or how little) time you want to spend volunteering.

Already we've provided career advice to over 1 million online learners covering over 10,000 career topics. We’ve shown that students love getting career guidance this way, and we’ve shown that working professionals love being able to do skills-based volunteering online through CareerVillage.org.

Our Awards

Points of Light

Winner, NCVS Innovation Awards 2013: National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

Lumina Foundation

Social Innovation Award, 2016: Won a clean sweep of Lumina Foundation's first ever Social Innovation Awards at ASU-GSV 2016 in San Diego, CA.


1st Place, Social Impact: Picked from a pool of over 2,300 applicants to participate in MassChallenge 2014, from whom we were awarded the top prize in the Social Impact category.

JPMorgan Chase

1st place, Give It Away Award: Selected by a large panel of young people from a highly competitive pool of nonprofits.


Selected to participate in the world's first accelerator program exclusively for high tech nonprofit organizations.

College Knowledge Challenge

Selected for this program run by College Summit and sponsored by the Gates Foundation to improve college knowledge.


Incubated through the Technology Underwriting the Greater Good program in Boston, MA.

Harvard iLab

Invited to serve as a startup in residence at the iLab in Spring 2012 where we first launched our platform.

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