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How do you decide which college is right for you?

Even though I am only a freshman in high school, I have about 8 colleges in mind. When time comes to go and apply for colleges and say I get into all of them, I'm going to have a hard time choosing. #stumped

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Adrian’s Answer

Figuring out where to go to college can be a tough one. I know for me, what helped was figuring out what I wanted in a college experience, like, did I want to live far from home or close, did I want big or small classes, did I want cold or warm weather, do I know what I want to major in and how the schools stack up relative to my major, what sort of college culture did I want, Greek system, Catholic, single-sex, etc. You have to figure out what you want for yourself and then that can help you narrow it down and start to have more serious conversations about it.