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Adrian Cunningham

Senior Specialist - Technology Development Program at AT&T and Graduate Researcher at UC Riverside
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Liz Nov 05, 2022 1050 views

What are some extracurriculars a highschool student can do to prep for a STEM career?

Are there any internships, volunteer oppurtunities or other extracurricular activities (both in-person and online) a highschool student can do in the UAE? Especially related to STEM?

haley’s Avatar
haley Dec 01, 2022 405 views

where can I learn coding without school program?

Where is a place i can learn how to code so i can be prepared for my dream job?

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Nov 21, 2022 551 views

What file type should I use for my online resume and how many pages should it be?

I have been wondering about these two questions for a while and would like professional answers, thank you kindly.

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Emanuela Jan 20, 2023 451 views

What am I and what do I like?

I'm studying cloud computing, I don't have programming experience yet. But I like it a lot and I have some courses in Java and HTML. I like helping people, I like organization, proactivity and I love playing video games!

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Dayalis Nov 08, 2019 1925 views

What is JavaScript ?

#technology #programmer #programming #tech #computer

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alejandro Nov 12, 2019 1192 views

whats's the best part of being a software engineer?

#curious #engineer #software #engineering #technology #computer-software

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Christa Jan 18, 2018 755 views

What do video game companies look for when hiring their programmers? Is a bachelor's in computer science good enough?

So I want to program video games for a career and I'm already majoring in computer science and trying to learn a little about video game programming through Unity but I'm worried that there'll be a lot of extra hoops I have to jump through before I look hire-able. So I want to know what not...

alina’s Avatar
alina Mar 26, 2018 450 views

How do you decide which college is right for you?

Even though I am only a freshman in high school, I have about 8 colleges in mind. When time comes to go and apply for colleges and say I get into all of them, I'm going to have a hard time choosing. #stumped

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Mar 27, 2018 1076 views

How can a women thrive in a male dominated field?

I am going into engineering. I understand that my college classes and workplace will be dominated by men. I would like to know how I can assert myself and no be intimidated. #engineering #women-in-stem

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Oct 31, 2016 1295 views

Have women in STEM experienced any setbacks because of their gender?

Women are underrepresented in STEM and it sometimes leads to misconceptions in the workplace. Over the summer, I interned for Girls Who Code, a program that works to integrate young girls into coding. I've heard many stories about men making remarks or making women feel uncomfortable, and I was...