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What is the best/most affordable way to pay for college text books?

Is it worth the risk to buy a cheaper, but more outdated version of a book or do I take the safe route and spend the extra money for the requested book? books

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2 answers

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Marlene’s Answer

Many university libraries have copies of textbooks that can be checked out for a specific amount of time. Consider purchasing used textbooks or even borrowing books from friends who have already taken the same class. Some college students strategically plan when they will take particular courses with their friends so they can swap books from semester to semester.
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Gillian’s Answer

I find that it is best to look on Amazon. Often they offer book rentals cheaper than college bookstores do, and good quality as well. Ask your professor if you will be fine renting an older edition of a required textbook, only they will know the answer to that, being that some older editions barely have any significant change while others are pretty different from a required edition. Online e-book rentals are often cheaper than a physical textbook rental, but with certain courses, I prefer having the physical textbook in front of me rather than the online version. :)