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What is a perfect job for you?

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I want to know how do you define a perfect job.


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Kim’s Answer


Wow. Hmmm. . .

  1. I have the tools I need to be able to do my job. (reference manuals, databases, etc)
  2. I am intellectually challenged
  3. My performance measures are achievable without having to activate my super-hero powers
  4. I am not overwhelmed, overstressed, etc
  5. I am appreciated by the company and my management team
  6. I am able to provide a reasonable standard of living for myself, and have reasonable benefits, including healthcare and time off
  7. I am afforded the opportunity to have meaningful input into decisions
  8. I am not patronized
  9. My work environment is esthetically-pleasing
  10. My work environment is not too cold or too hot, too bright or too dark
  11. No pettiness!
  12. I am treated fairly in comparison to my peers
  13. My employer truly supports making accommodations for persons with disabilities
  14. No micromanagement
  15. Performance measures: we measure things that really matter
  16. I am doing something I want to be doing, and the purpose is clear to me
  17. My immediate supervisor is willing to pitch in and help out when we are short-staffed
  18. My co-workers are decent
  19. My commute time is less than 45 minutes, one way

That's probably not everything, but it is the main things. Quite a lot, huh? They are not in any particular order.


Wow, that was a lot. Thank you for giving your insights, I appreciate your effort.
Sort of surprised myself, given I normally say a job is just a mean of getting a paycheck so you can live your life, and fulfillment can come through volunteer work. Guess I am rethinking that position. Thanks for helping me to realize this!
I am happy that you have reflected on my question. I didn't even expect someone would answer it.

Patricia’s Answer


My perfect job is one where I am challenged and not bored. It's a job that allows me to grow professionally and personally while providing opportunities to showcase my abilities. It's also a job working for a company that not only says it values it's employees and customers, but shows it as well.