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Can you get a scholarship while your in college?

Im quite sure you can. Most likely money. Justyn M.

i am pretty sure you can! i hope you do jelissa P.

If you do programs in college you might be able to. Allie M.

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2 answers

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Christine’s Answer

Hello Lizbeth.

Thank for submitting your question.

Yes, you may still qualify for some scholarships.

I recommend that you visit the administration office on campus (or give them a call) to discuss scholarship opportunities. Then, you will want to apply to as many as you can while paying close attention to the deadline dates.

You may also want to explore financial aid opportunities, if you have not already done so. Man students qualify for financial aid - and you don't know if you don't ask.

Good Luck to you as your finish college!

Take Care,
Christine Aubin

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Alexa’s Answer

Hi - Yes! Many scholarship opportunities are available while enrolled in college. The best person to reach out to is your Career Center (most universities have one). Also, certain majors offer scholarships for students.