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what is the work schedule for a neonatal nurse?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

i am trying to decide between being a dermatologist or a neonatal nurse but im curious to know how often nurses have to work #neonatal #neontalworkschedule

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Teresa’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Katelynn, Great question! You are wise to think about what your schedule will look like in your future career. I have been a neonatal nurse for 32 years and I can tell you that your schedule can be as flexible as you like. Flexibility is one of the best parts of being a nurse! Nurses can work full time, part time, day shift, night shift, travel assignments, hospitals, schools, clinics, offices, etc. You can choose how many hours you want and where you want to work.

I cannot tell you about dermatology other than to say that it would be a bigger investment for your initial education and yet, the rate of pay would be higher. I have met dermatologists who share an office and work part time to share the coverage, so that is also possible.

These are really 2 great choices for careers in my opinion- I would suggest that you ask about a "shadow" program at a hospital near you to see if you can get some observation time to see up close what these people do day to day.

Best of luck in your future!

Teresa Bentley, RN