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Which one is more beneficial to devote your time to?

Does having a part-time job matter to college or do they prefer it if you're more involved in school activities?

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2 answers

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Hailey’s Answer

I think doing both are a great idea; it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with them. I split my time between part-time jobs and school activities while in college. My part-time job was related to my major to give me opportunities to connect with professionals in my career choice. My school extracurriculars helped me learn more about resources/activities my school had to offer me, and build a network of friends I have had since graduating- who often are a valuable resource when looking to find new jobs in the future. Part of going to school is about the social education you get with the people you meet there. You get your entire life to have a job. If you can afford it, do as many school activities as possible (or get paid for those school activities - I did that too!). The memories you make in college will be some of the best in your life. Enjoy, experiment, learn, grow!

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Sophia’s Answer

Depending on your goals, both are a good way to navigate through college. I know folks that have had a part time job, volunteering hours, and involvement in specific clubs. If you are in business, for example, having internships and volunteer experience would be very beneficial for you when looking for a full time job. If you are in medicine, you may not need this experience right away, but it never hurts to have it. Having a part time job is helpful in understand what it means to have a paycheck and it can help you pay for your education. Having a balance will help so you are not overwhelmed in one category over another! Up to you completely how you want to split up time. Remember that your courses/homework will also take up a lot of time so understanding how to manage your time well will also help quite a bit. :)