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What should I do if I take PCME after 10

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I am not interested in computer s so can I take PCME

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Roopa’s Answer

PCME opens up multiple career options for you. Some of the better known and sort after are the electrical & electronics engineer degrees. You could also choose to join a polytechnic college instead of a full time engineering college degree.

if you are not interested in electrical/electronics subject you can still switch over to other branches of engineering like chemical, mechanical, computers etc. ITI is also a choice to be considered if you like industrial training and employment.

To summarise, PCME in pre university college allows you to take different paths based on your interest. Important aspect to identifying what next to do is to truly think through and recogize which subject interests you and you would like to pursue as a profession

Roopa recommends the following next steps:

Pick your key subjects of interest.