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What does a content marketer do on a daily basis?

This question was asked by a writer/photographer in New York City who aspire to use their writing and photography skills to earn a position as a digital content marketer in New York.

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3 answers

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Sarah A.’s Answer

Content marketing jobs can vary a lot, but some of the typical things you might do include:

  • Researching and writing user personas, descriptions of who your average reader/user/customer is and what they're interested in so you can better reach those people

  • Planning out an editorial calendar of content you're going to create and when

  • Creating content: could be blog posts, contributed articles, podcasts, infographics, webinars, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, videos, live streams, whitepapers...there's a huge variety of things here

  • Staying on top of news and current events in your industry so you can create content pieces relevant to it

  • Staying on top of problems that your users have so you can create content that solves or addresses it

  • Distributing the content you create in channels that will help it reach your users, and always looking out for new channels that might be great for you. This might include pitching journalists, getting guest posts on blogs, posting in communities like reddit, GrowthHackers, or whatever's relevant to your industry

  • Monitoring how well your content performs through metrics like clicks, views, likes, shares, or downloads, and sharing these metrics with the rest of your team

  • Refining your content process based on the quantitative data (metrics) and qualitative data (user comments and feedback) to do more of what works

  • Writing and maintaining a brand/marketing voice guideline for the company, which describes how your company speaks and the tone it uses

  • Running and refining email campaigns

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Christine’s Answer

Great question! Sometimes a content marketer's job begins by making a case for a corporate blog in order to increase traffic to the company's web site. Once buy-in is established with management, a content marketer typically has many responsibilities that varies from day to day, and may include:

• Planning and updating an editorial calendar
• Doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research or working with an SEO specialist to plan content
• Writing blog and web content that incorporates SEO keywords so that your content will be discoverable on Google
• Writing blog posts, white papers, and other types of free content that aligns with your company’s mission to attract users to your website
• Always writing with your target audience in mind
• Managing guest bloggers, influencers, or freelance writers to create content for your company’s blog
• Communicating with interviewees and conducting interviews
• Establishing a style guide and upholding editorial standards
• Editing and proofreading blog posts
• Paying special attention to writing strong headlines (that also meet SEO requirements)
• Writing social media copy to share out the content you've created
• Creating visuals (or collaborating with a designer) to complement your content for the blog or social media
• Monitoring content performance, such as pageviews, click throughs, # of users, and time on page; Learn from the metrics to change your content strategy accordingly
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Leszek’s Answer

First of all I can answer from the big corporate sales website perspective.
• We start with product launches preparation ensuring accurate and most effective information is available for customers.
• Managing content assets (imagining, body copy, banners, copy writing) across stakeholders ensuring timelines,
• Reviewing of functionality of the content to ensure flawless execution
• Working with various stakeholders such us: brand, marketing, pricing, Merchandizers, product managers, etc... to ensure that every angle is covered before making it public. Because the website is like managing the top of the iceberg.... the top is visible but al l the work is done underneath the surface.
• Applying innovative thinking about merchandizing seasonal sales campaigns.

• Managing day to day site quality ensuring proper functionality and content relevance.

• Optimizing content for SEO purposes

• Analyzing effectiveness ( financial and engagement KPis) of the content on the site

• Building and ensuring best in class customer experience following brand guidance