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I want to be an artist what can i do to accomplish this?

Like what can I do to help complete it. What can help me be that person. #artist

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2 answers

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Precious’s Answer

What kind of artist are we talking about? Do you sing ? Dance? Paint? Draw? Write?

If you have these talent then you are already a artist, but to know for sure start doing. Pick up a pencil and write, write about your friends, tell your stories, take a pincer and draw anything see how it comes out, something with painting. Danceing take classes, singing join a singing group, sing in church. This will show what type of talent you have.

Me I write, paint, draw, sing, dance on my own. My talent of being a artist was not known to me until I tried each and everyone. You want to be a artist you already are just fine out what type of artist. Do start now.

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John’s Answer

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

Find out what you really feel called to do in the Arts.

And then work as hard as you can. But even then, never stop experimenting.