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what is recyclingto you

recycling is important to the world to me #life

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2 answers

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Alissa’s Answer

Hi Ieaira,

I agree with you - recycling is really important! I try to recycle everyday and lucky for us, it is very easy to do so in today's world. At home, it's easy to recycle paper products, cleaned-out food containers, certain plastics. It's also great to recycle things like clothing and shoes. I try to clean out my closet and fill a bag with items that I'm not putting to good use. I then recycle them by donating them at a local drop-off box that is given to those in need. Recycling is such a great tool, so I am glad you find it meaningful too.

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Mr.’s Answer


Recycling to me is comforting the Earth with kindness and attention.

We must pamper it step by step and day by day.

As humans we must take the waste set it aside and process it into reusbale materials for us and the Earth.

This is truly recycling.

I wish you the best on your journey.