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How long do you have to go to school if you want to be a pharmacist?

Hi! I am in the 6th grade and I was wondering how long you had to go to school because I want to be a pharmacist. people happy

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4 answers

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Allen’s Answer

Very good question!
Most pharmacists have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry or other science such as physics or biology. The PharmD degree that pharmacists receive upon graduation takes between 3-4 years of study. You will have to get excellent grades throughout high school and college to be considered for admission.

You may want to talk to a pharmacist to find out what she does at work.

I teach a course for pharmacy technicians at a community college, some of whom are planning to go on to pharmacy college.
Best of luck.

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Victoria’s Answer

I agree with all above but certainly look into volunteering your time in a community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy,clinics etc during your junior year. By the time senior year comes and you are certain that is the way you still want, take most of the core science classes and your first year of college classes should include all your basics sciences with strong grades.
Your chances increases into pharmacy school after a college degree in the sciences, however going directly from high school is doable but has become increasingly challenging because of its competitiveness and demand.

Good luck:-)


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Parixit’s Answer

After high school, you have to study at least 8 years, 4 for undergrads and 4 for the actual program. Even though, many pharmacy schools don't require undergrad degree, it increases your chance of admission. You can also do a residency of 1 to 2 years after pharmacy degree.

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Judy’s Answer

You have to at least have completed 2 years of your core requirements (math, science, and English) take the PCAT, and if you are accepted pharmacy school is 4 years. Some students do have a bachelors degree but it isn't always required. Good Luck!

There is more than one way to acceptance to pharmacy school. Some Universities are in desperate need to educate pharmacists in states populations that really need pharmacists and you can enter right after high school. You actually apply while a senior in high school. JAIME SIRGANY, PHARMACIST S.