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what’s the easiest way to fit school and sports together

I am planning on player college volleyball and would like to know how to juggle it all #studentathlete

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2 answers

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Emilee’s Answer

Hi Madie,

It can be difficult trying to juggle sports and school. Just remember there are resources out there to help you if needed. Your school might offer college tutors for student athletes. Even if you understand the topics, these tutors can help you stay focused and be productive. Make sure to also be open and honest with your teachers and coaches. If you are struggling with either, make sure to have the discussion and see what you can do. You will be surprised how open and helpful people can be when you ask for help.

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Nicole’s Answer

Although you will be busy, you will be able to do it. Time management! Be sure to make schedules and outline important dates/practices so you know in advance.