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Who should you keep in contact with along your college journey?

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3 answers

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Barbara’s Answer

Hi Taliah,

I got some of my best help, advice, and relationships during college from professors that I admired and connected with. They provided me guidance and "leads" well beyond the direct courses I took with them. I also got really lucky with my advisor in college -- she's the reason I got an internship and went to grad school. :-) Also, be a "joiner" in college! Join clubs, teams, and volunteer. You'll likely meet valuable lifelong connections there. And of course, the other students in your field of study -- they'll turn into important parts of your network post-graduation. Good luck!

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Michelle’s Answer

Hi Taliah - I always tried to keep in contact with any bosses I had during high school jobs or college jobs, whether it was grabbing coffee every so often or being friends on Facebook. Once I entered college, I kept in contact with any professors I felt like I had good connections with. A good professor will always appreciate when you ask for help and always try to guide you. My goal was to get involved in as many groups as I could so that I had as many connections as possible. Whether you need a connection now or 10 years down the road, it is always helpful to know the right people!

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Never be afraid to say "I know we haven't spoke in a while but when I was thinking about ____, you were the person who came to mind for advice."
Written thank you notes go a long way when someone has helped you.

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James’s Answer

Interesting question - I would keep in contact with people that are positive and good to be around. Being at college is a great time to network with like minded people who have similar interests with you! You will probably meet some amazing people. :)