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I'm interested in Photography, where are the best places to study?

Asked Douglasville, Georgia

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Chandra’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Mumbai & Bangalore, follow this insta page sushanvalence & lkartphotography.

Rosanna’s Answer

It depends on what kind of program you are looking for and think about what kind of college environment you want. I studied in New York City at Hunter College, the photography program was on the smaller side but the city environment taught me a lot. But also think about what kind of photography you are into learning as there is traditional black and white photography with darkroom access or digital photography where it will mostly be computer based for editing. I strongly encourage you to learn the dark room techniques for black & white and color photography- it changes the way you approach photography and your subjects and helps you a lot with color theory. Look up the professors at each college/university and see if you think you would enjoy learning from them based on their art background.

Best of luck!