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What job opportunities can I get with knowing 3 languages that isn’t being a translator?

Asked Sahuarita, Arizona

I know English, Spanish and I’m very interested in learning latin based languages, but I do not want to be a translator. #languages #trilingual #jobopportunities

2 answers

Giulia’s Answer

Updated Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Hi Stephanie, knowing languages opens you a lot of doors, not only the one of translation. I think that depending on your interest you can find several jobs in which your language skills can be highly valuable.

For instance, I work based in London but I manage Southern Europe countries because I speak both Spanish and Italian. A close friend of mine works for a publisher and he's role is to select the books they are going to translate.

As I said, based on your interests, knowing a language (or more) will open you more doors when it comes to look for a job.

Good luck!

Victoria (Tori)’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hello! Being well versed in multiple languages is a valuable asset in almost all career fields. When considering your strengths, companies will be impressed in your bilingual skills. Being a translator is certainly an option, but these skills will certainly help you in numerous fields such as business, law, medicine, and politics. For example, you may wish to become a nurse in which case your language skills will help you interpret medical language to various patients. However, it is important to have a skill set that goes beyond just knowing a second language. This will allow you to apply your language skills to help society.

Victoria (Tori) recommends the following next steps:

  • Consider the areas in (or out of) the country where your language skills will be relevant.
  • Look into popular fields of work in that area and if any of those fields interest you (ie. Washington DC is a good place to become a politician).
  • Apply to programs where you will be able to learn your career skill set in conjunction with your second language. (For example, a nursing program where you will be able to interact with patients who speak different languages).